Cordyceps Militaris (keeda jadi)

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Cordyceps Militaris (keeda jadi) is a species of fungus in the family of clavicipitaceae and it is a mushroom with high medicinal value. This produced in the lab with controlled humidity and temperature. There are several media like rice, silkworm, and pupae that can be used in the cultivation of Cordyceps Militaris. Apart from this herb is mainly use as immunity booster and enhance the performance of the respiratory system.



Some basic health benefits of cordyceps Militaris:

  • Enhancement in liver and lung functions
  • Bring out oxidative stress
  • Cordycepin is an active constituent of fruiting bodies from this mushroom
  • Lower tumour development tendencies. It acts as a nucleic and antibiotic which may be able to inhibit cancerous cells and contribute to normalization of such cells.
  • Ensures better recovery from illness.
  • Reduces the effects of cholesterol and brings down blood sugar levels due to the beta-glucans present as nutrients in it.
  • The adenosine level of this herb help increase the body’s level of ATP, thereby helping athletes recover quickly.
  • Increase bodily production of nitric oxide, thereby increasing oxygen absorption levels.
  • Therapeutic effects against the influenza virus have been proven from an acidic polysaccharide made from Cordyceps Militaris, when allowed to grow on germinated soybean.
  • Inhibition of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase through protein enzyme cordymin, made from this mushroom.
  • Enhanced sex drive due to enhancement of estradiol-17 and testosterone levels.
  • Apart from the above, a number of other bio-metabolites meant to be used in natural drugs have been extracted, which help revitalize physiological systems in the human body. Its constituents are also being used in today’s pharmaceutical industries.

Description of the different nutritional components of Cordyceps Militaris

A medicinal mushroom Cordyceps Fungus is known to be highly nutritional. This is because it contains the following nutrients rich doses:


It has been verified that more than 80types of enzymes, inclusive of coenzumeQ10, are present within Cordyceps Militaris. Many of these enzymes are involved in various metabolic processes of the human body. In fact, synthesis and breakdown of nucleic acids, fats, carbohydrates and other compounds present in cells and tissues would not be possible without them. Similarly, food and water digestion, protein digestion, fat, vitamin and minerals digestion are also not possible without these enzymes. Every bodily function is, in fact, linked to one enzyme or the other.

Essential amino acids

Essential amino acids are not produced by the human, but are vital for a healthy individual. Amino acids join together to make protein, and they are critical for the development of tendons, muscles, glands, organs hair and nails. Constant cellular maintenance is carried out by amino acids.

Proteins, peptides and polyamines

Proteins are essential nutrients, often considered as building blocks for cells. They are presented in the callus, skin, hair, tendons, cartilage, ligaments and muscles in any multi cellular organism, providing and protecting structure. Lipoproteins are those substances that transport oxygen and other substances in the body. Peptides help in treating metabolic disorders, cancer and in curing other neurodegenerative diseases.

Essential Fatty Acids

Fatty acids constitute all fat molecules, and regulate blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the body. They also enhance functioning of the cardiovascular system and aid proper brain functioning and development.


Cordyceps Militaris is comprised of monosaccharide’s, disaccharides, oligosaccharides and also several complex polysaccharides. As per research, polysaccharides are responsible for regulating blood sugar as well as for facilitating anti-tumour and anti-metastatic effects.

Vitamin B2, B1 and B12

Vitamin B2, contained in Cordyceps Mushroom, is most important for cell formation and their growth, antibody production, energy metabolism, and good skin health. Vitamin B1 is required for carbohydrate metabolism, production of hydrochloric acid and energy, where hydrochloric acid is responsible for proper digestion. This vitamin also aids in correct functioning of the nervous system. Finally, Vitamin B12 processes proteins, carbohydrates and fats and also helps create blood cells.


Calcium is the fundamental component of bones. Without it, nerves and muscles in the body cannot function properly. Low calcium levels to brittle bones.


Iron is responsible for oxygen transport and for regulating cell growth and differentiation, thereby making it critical for all living organisms. Its deficiency reduces the delivery of oxygen to calls, often resulting in poor work performance, fatigue, and also decreasing level of immunity.


Often recognized as the most bioactive compounds within Cordyceps Fungus,also play anti-metastatic and anti-tumour roles. This form of alternative medicine finds widespread application in prevention and treatment of cancer. Cordycepin is able to apoptosis, show ant-proliferative effects, and also have an anti-antigenic effect on human cells, other than targeting cancer stem cells (CSCs).

Studies have also shown that Cordyceps Mushroom is able to bring down the growth of cancerous cells within sarcoma S180, Erlich’s ascites carcinoma and MA737 cancer of the breast. Cells in the body are meant to grow and divide in a way that overall health remains constant. Cells that become old or get damaged are replaced by new cells and tumours tend to form when this division becomes uncontrollable.

Benefits of Cordyceps Militaris for liver and pancreas

The liver is clearly the largest organ in the human body. It is absolutely vital for filtration of blood and other fluids in the body. Additionally, it also aids in maintaining proper blood sugar levels, turning food molecules into energy upon breakdown, creation of vital enzymes and proteins, and many others.

How does Cordyceps Militaris generate anti-aging properties?

Cordyceps Militaris has antioxidants that contain anti-aging properties, making them really popular among the elderly. In fact, the use of this mushroom to slow down the aging process is centuries old. Oxygen-free radicals tend to get formed during the aging process, which results in damage to cells. As per research, it has been found out that Cordyceps Mushroom can inhibit lipid and peroxide formation, and also lower the presence of oxidized enzymes in one’s brain. Due to its ability to scavenge on oxygen-free radicals, this mushroom has become such a successful name in the anti-aging community.

Cordyceps Militaris as an Immunity booster

The immune system is one that prevents the body from falling sick, thereby defending it against a number of bacterial, viral and protozoan infections. Sometimes even cancerous cells may appear as bacterial infection after mutation. Cordyceps Militaris is able to increase the number of WBCs in the body. Due to this very quality, the mushroom is frequently recommended as an energy booster during recovery periods from operations. Cordyceps Mushroom improves immunity in both healthy persons as well as those suffering from leukemia. So many studies tell about several immune-boosting effects of this mushroom, along with an increase in the number of NK cells, macrophages, WBCs, and T-helper cells. All these cells boost cellular immunity against fungal and viral infections, apart from others as well.

The role of Cordyceps Mushroom in Managing kidney Functions

Kidneys are the essential filtering organ of the human body. When kidney dysfunctions occur, it affects other organs as well. Symptoms of degenerating kidney health include back and joint pain, impotence, high levels of blood sugar and fatigue. Cordyceps Militaris is able to uplift kidney potential with an increase in the levels of 17-ketosteroid levels and 17-hydroxy-corticosteroid. Administration of 3-5g of Cordyceps Militaris to the patients suffering from renal failure can significantly enhance kidney and immune functions. Chronic renal failure may also result in anemia, proteinuria and hypertension. After one month of giving such patients the wonder mushroom, there was a substantial decrease in urinary protein.

How Cordyceps Militaris help in controlling diabetes

Today diabetes is a known disease foe about 25.8 million women, men and children in the world. Of this number 7 million have still not been diagnosed, and about 80 million persons show symptoms of prediabetes. The disease is more common in males then in a females, and increases at a drastic pace with age. Statics claim that more than 25% of individuals aged more than 65years are affected by diabetes. Not only it is very common, but treatment is also on the expensive side. If one considers avoiding diabetes as a whole, it is probably next to impossible. Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes have been proven to be hereditary. Type 1 seems to get active upon viral infection. Type 2 is strongly related to genes, and people with type 2 relative are quite likely to contract the same. Consumption of the fungus Cordyceps Mushroom can be a saving agent, as clinical trials on both humans and animals have shown its potential of regulating blood sugar. Cordyceps Fungus enhances insulin sensitivity, improves metabolism of blood glucose, and also increase the liver’s output of the glucose-regulating enzymes hexokinase and glucokinase.

Cordyceps Militaris as the protector of the respiratory system

As per traditional Chinese medicine, Cordyceps Militaris has been talked about as the protector of the human respiratory system since more than a thousand years. Cordyceps Fungus can reduce symptoms related to asthma, COPD, pneumonia, phlegm, chronic, bronchitis, and other respiratory troubles. It also displayed the capability to relax bronchial walls and was able to improve oxygen utilizing efficiency of humans. Cordyceps Militaris is extremely useful for tracheal contractions and is able to generate a higher degree of airflow to the lung than earlier, which is especially helpful for asthmatic patients.

How Cordyceps Militaris enhances vitality and energy levels

All of us need a constant supply of energy to function throughout the day. Whenever we feel lethargic, we look to consume proteins, starches and fats in a bid to rejuvenate ourselves. All the above molecules break down to release ATP at the cellular level. As per recent research, it has been proven the Cordyceps Militaris enhances oxygen and also ATP levels in the blood. Several high-altitude climbers make use of Cordyceps Fungus for easy breathing, as the mushroom increases availability of oxygen at heights. The consumption of this mushroom, therefore, has two benefits-high oxygen levels and an energy boost.

Improvement in stamina and endurance

Cordyceps Militaris is recognized as fungal biomass which can be easily cultured from oats. Through the strain is similar to Cordyceps Sinensis, it has greater quantities of the active ingredients than this, thereby making it a suitable substitute. Cordyceps Fungus is quite effective in enhancement of exercise metabolism, fatigue reduction, endurance exercise performance and the capability for aerobic exercises amongst healthy humans.

Save yourself from cancer with Cordyceps Militaris

Ancient medicine has made use of Cordyceps Militaris for a number of years. An anti-cancer effect has been found in this fungus. It has been tested on cancerous RKO, which is a human colorectal cell line. Result of the experiment stated how RKO cells were susceptible to the ethanol extract from Cordyceps Militaris and growth of the tumour from RKO cells had also been delayed significantly. It showed that the ethanol extract of the mushroom was cytotoxic to RKO cells and inhibited the tumour’s growth. This anti-tumour effect was then linked with mitochondrial apoptosis and cell cycle arrest. Cordyceps Fungus became responsible for deaths tumour cells by the caspase-dependent mitochondrial pathway.

Sexual benefits of Cordyceps Militaris

Cordyceps Militaris has been used as a remedy for sexual dysfunction over many years. It is also capable of reducing body fatigue upon culmination of a long disease. Clinical trials on humans that were published in the journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine also indicated how sexual activity in human was made more effective with the administration of Cordyceps Militaris. This was accomplished either by acting on the sexual organs or sex hormones. Cordyceps can obviously be used for a better sex drive and erectile functions as it helps in reducing chronic stress.

The link between Cordyceps Militaris and cardiovascular diseases

This can bring down high blood pressure and also rectify cardiac arrhythmia by increasing its latent period. In this manner, the duration of cardiac arrhythmia attacks can be reduced. Cordyceps Militaris also acts positively during protection attacks of hypoxia and ischemia. Cordyceps Militaris is able to control arrhythmia is the existence of deoxyadenosine, adenosine and other adenosine-type nucleotides and nucleosides, all of which have a remarkable effect on cerebral and coronary circulation.

How to use:

Take one sachet of Cordyceps Militaris dry fruiting body in empty mug and pour 100ml hot water on it and wait for 5-7 minutes. Drink that water the fruiting body. Repeat it two times a day and in second time eat the fruiting body.


  • Keep out of reach of children,
  • Consult a physician in case of pregnancy or any medical condition


  • This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease.

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